Our Farm

Rhizosphere Farm is located in the beautiful Loess Hills of Iowa just south of Missouri Valley. The farm is almost 6 acres nestled close to the loess ‘front range’ where amazingly lush and loamy soil exists. Old Lincoln highway which is a scenic bypass is the most direct way to access the farm. Just to the east is the lovely Old Town Conservation area which features a Loess Hills little bluestem prairie and Eastern Great Plains bur oak woodlands.

Rhizosphere Farm was started by Matt and Terra Hall in 2009. About four years before that they met in Horton, Oregon just 45 minutes outside of Eugene in the coastal range. Terra started as an apprentice on the beautiful 5 acre organic farm run by Bill Booth and Debra Seido Martin. Check out their farm here: hortonorganics.com. She continued as staff for the next two years and met Matthew who worked at Horton as well. They both developed a deep love for small-scale farming and working with plants and the soil. As luck would have it, they both grew up in the midwest not far from each other. Matt is from north Omaha, and Terra was born and raised in Council Bluffs. After an incredible learning experience at Horton Road, Matt and Terra decided to move back to the prairie and try sustainable agriculture in the Omaha area.

In 2009, they began renting a property in Waterloo, Nebraska, in the Elkhorn river valley. They met with the many challenges of farming in the midwest but were greeted by the Omaha community with great support and enthusiasm. During the four years in Waterloo, Rhizosphere Farm developed to provide food for a modestly sized CSA (community supported agriculture), two markets, and somewhere between 5 and 8 restaurants.

As time went on, it became clear that Rhizosphere Farm was relevant to the community, but renting land and home was not viable in the long-term. Matt and Terra yearned for a permanent location where they could incorporate more perennial systems and build permanent infrastructures. After much searching, they came across the perfect spot.

In September of 2013, Rhizosphere Farm found its permanent home just south of Missouri Valley. The land has a house and several outbuildings. The vision of the farm has broadened with the new land, and while there will still be around 35 different vegetables grown each year, the farm will expand to include fruit trees, chickens, ducks, berries, beehives, and much more.

Rhizosphere will continue to grow mostly heirloom variety vegetables and herbs with great care, mindful attention to the land and plants and with low impact work with the soil done mostly with hands. Organic methods are used that eliminate the need for chemicals. The focus is on diversity, soil building, and crop rotation in an effort to work in partnership with the land and not against it.

The farm will incorporate permaculture techniques to increase diversity and efficiency and continue to lessen the impact on the land. An apprenticeship program is going to be an essential aspect as the farm moves toward education of small-scale agriculture and permaculture techniques. There can never be too many people growing good, clean and fair food. Rhizosphere hopes to help teach future sustainable farmers to enhance the community and the amount and diversity of the nourishing food at our tables.

Terra Hall
Terra Hall

Seed Sower • Heirloom Geek • Creative Mind • Partier

Matt Hall
Matt Hall

Mechanic • Irrigation Specialist • Partier • Jack of all Trades



Community Supported Agriculture

We have a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that runs through the summer.

What is a CSA share?
Our CSA program is a partnership between the local community and the farm. We share the agricultural risks and their benefits in support of sustainable land stewardship. Our CSA provides fresh naturally grown produce, education, and seasonal celebration in order to create a closer relationship to our food, nature, the farm and its seasons.Seasonal Nourishment – From June until October, you will be eating what nature intended in unison with the seasons. Experience nature’s seasonal rhythms through good, nourishing and fresh food.Vine ripened – We harvest the day of or the day before your box arrives. The average item of food travels 1500 miles before it reaches the consumer’s plate. Your food will be traveling less than 40 miles, depending on how close you live to the farm. Newsletters – Weekly emails with storage tips, handling info for veggies, and weather info will arrive each week around box delivery. These notes will also include stories from the farm and recipes!

Recipes – Some of our favorite recipes to inspire new ways of working with familiar veggies and ideas on how to cook veggies that are new to you!

Connection – Develop a sense of connection to your food by knowing who grew it, and how and when its in season. You will learn to appreciate where your food comes from and EAT LOCAL!

2015 CSA shares available! 


Rhizosphere Farm is looking for Interns!
Interns at Rhizosphere Farm learn mostly by doing. The program is primarily hands on, and interns will spend most of their time weeding, planting and harvesting. They will also go to farmer’s markets, keep records, and do deliveries. By working each day to refine these skills and immerse yourself in the rhythm of the work, you will learn to inherently become more efficient and effective at small-scale farming. This program is particularly well-suited for those seeking to connect and work with nature and those considering a future in farming. Unlike conventional classroom learning, interning integrates body and mind by strengthening the body, developing endurance and flexibility, and cultivating the mind through direct observation and building intuition through experience. Click here for more info.


A look into the farm

Stay up-to-date with our most recent photos at Flickr.


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Thank You

A big Thank You to the generosity of these folks who helped make Rhizosphere Farm possible.

Mary Sorensen

Bob and Mel Hall

Sharon Messbarger

Joyce Higgins

Francis Messbarger

Derek and Courtney Levasseur

Nick and Jackie Bonham

Nick Strawhecker

Kathy and Kurt Strawhecker

Clayton Chapman

Paul and Quinn Kulik

Jen Ericson

Terry Brown

Elizabeth, Justin, Savannah, and Lucy Chalen

Nick Hildenbrandt

Anand and Tifanee Chokkavelu

Michael Plouzek

Hailey Miloni

Lisa and Laci Warren


Eric Williams

Aviva Segall and Patrick McNamara

Kerry and Jon Tuttle

Cheryl Kessell

Etienne-Emile Skrabo


Shelley Miller

Gail and Robb Tavill

Jen, Ryan, Liam and Avery Ericson

Cynthia Crail

Megan Raiser

Ashley Erks

Sumana Sermchief, Caleb Seavey, Lena, and Inara

The Burk Family

Martin and Jennifer Kenna

Kathy Papadopoulos

Brian Perkins

Jeremiah Jordan

Dwayne and Amy Brown

Kristi Lee

Andy’s Auto Care & Repair

Gladstone/Henkel family

Elizabeth Arndt

Rebecca Wright

Michael Cox

Sara Cerasoli

Jean Ubbelohde

Regina Robbins

Melissa Wegner

Christine Hughey

Alison Bickel

Claudia Barthold

Bev Seppa

Adam Gottsch

Nancy Schizas

James Reindert Luyten

Sara Messbarger

Tom Brown

Jara and Kenley Sturdivant-Wilson

Pepe’s Bistro

Brian and Ann Kramer

Chad Johnsen

Sara Forgey

Lindsay Beck

The Crouch’s

Summer Miller

Bryce and Danielle Bettmann

Aaron Shaddy

Jeff Beisch

Courtney’s Mom

Scott Syslo

Bedford Gardens

Ryan Hinderaker

Ali Maloy

The Butler Family

Chris and Kristen Carmichael

A. L. Cassel


Jenna Gabrial Gallagher

Chris Sayer

Mary Purdey

John Klemmensen

Ryan Haas

Julie and Keith Friedrich


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Phone: (712) 310-3715
Location: 3306 Lima Trail, Missouri Valley, IA 51555
Email: RhizosphereFarm@gmail.com